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Thank you for visiting NickiFuchs.com, she appreciates you dropping by, however, please don’t be shocked if she starts flossing her teeth with a jump rope. Nicki spends her days eating Italian baked goods, shamelessly watching puppy and kitty videos, and doing research on drugs that save peoples lives while fighting an endless war against her natural tendencies to ignore personal hygiene.  Just the other day Nicki’s therapist and she were comparing leg hair length in their weekly session.
Smart and silly, Nicki is not afraid to speak her truths and welcomes you to laugh along with her at the ridiculousness we all live in day to day. Her comedy is made up of ironic truthful stories that come from her stranger than fiction real life. Nicki started performing stand up comedy after graduating with a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Nicki has performed across the United States with regular stops in Baltimore, D.C., Virginia, L.A., and Denver. A welcomed guest at the Improv in D.C., Nicki was also a finalist in the 2014 Baltimore’s New Comedian of the year at the Baltimore Comedy Factory. Nicki was chosen to perform at Artscape 2016 in Baltimore, as well as the 2016 Black Friday Comedy Marathon put on by the Philadelphia Improv Theatre. Other comedy festivals include What a Joke Festival 2016, Artscape 2016 and 2017.She recently hosted a weekend at The Hartford Funny Bone in Connecticut for John Witherspoon. In her copious spare time Nicki gives back to the community by using her comedy and volunteering her time with the Women in Comedy nonprofit organization, she is the Head of Recruiting and Volunteering for the DC Chapter. Lastly, Nicki hosts a monthly ladies writing meeting in her home called The Clitorati, where women get together in a safe space to share the material they are working on. The Clitorati is based out of L.A. and was created by Stand Up Comedian Julianne Simitz.

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