Sitting in the Denver Airport about to head out to Seattle & San Francisco for Comedy and Fun times

HI! i am sipping on my mimosa and coffee simultaneously, love the caffeine and alcohol mixture in my blood stream in the morning 🙂 well for traveling anyway, thats truly the only way i get through it, plus pooping. Ive already done that like 3 times, so i think I’m all pooped out. Haha, sorry TMI i know because i just told my bartender the same thing when he asked me if i wanted more drinks.. Any who, I’m looking forward to exploring these two west coast comedy scenes very much. It is truly invigorating to me to have experiences away from the scene I have been growing up in. I am getting into Seattle around 1:35 and then the first show I’m on is at 4pm and its a riffing show, which i have never done before. So…that should be an interesting start to this trip. If you are in Seattle or San Francisco and you read this, check out my calendar and come to a show, introduce yourself, I love meeting EVERYONE <3. Until next time! LOVE YOU. NICKI

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